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My Dad Lives On

John 11:25-26


Thanks for your kind words of condolence in the passing of my Dad.

  You’ve expressed how we’ll miss him and how his passing made you sad.

It seems so unreal, hard to believe that he’s gone.

  Now don’t be shocked when I tell you: MY DAD LIVES ON!


Now, I’m not in a state of denial, I’m not telling you a lie.

  For Jesus said in John 11:26, “Who believes in me shall never die.”

He’s there with Jesus now, and with loved ones gone before,

  No more heartaches, toils and troubles, but peace and joy forever more.


Don’t think I’ve lost it when I tell you that on this earth still he lives on.

  For in his family and friends his principles and his teachings are strong!

He made a big difference in the way we live our lives.

  Though he’s not here to remind us, we'll remember and he’ll still be our guide.


When we kids, grandkids and great-grandkids are faced with right or wrong,

  Because of Dad, we’ll choose the right and say, “No” to the wrong.

When we honor the Lord, or read the Bible, or testify, or win a soul;

  When we’re hard working, honest, kind, compassionate, loving and dependable,

     others will see and know…






By Darvin Oakes (5/29/2000)

(Written in memory of my dad, Raymond Oakes, who moved from this earth to Heaven on May 26, 2000).

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